VLP Repair Glue

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  • No patch or colour match required
  • VLP® is a clear, high strength, flexible adhesive, designed to mend rips, tears and small holes on most types of flexible vinyl surfaces. 
  • VLP® is supplied in an easy to use air dry formula that dries clear and blends with all colored vinyls. 
  • VLP® actually dissolves the surface of the vinyl and creates an excellent bond when completely dry.
  • On porous fabrics, VLP® can be used the same as on vinyl but actually penetrates the pores and creates an excellent mechanical bond. 
  • Clear in colour and resists yellowing, blends with all coloured vinyls.
  • Suitable for - Vinyl furniture, awnings, tarps, vinyl sheeting, luggage, rain wear, boots, dishwasher racks, automobile dashboards, vinyl cushioned seats, pool/spa covers, luggage, dishwasher racks, awnings, tarps/covers, inflatables, and outdoor gear.