OZtrail Velour Air Mattress Range

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Boxed wall and inner coil construction provides back support and proper nights rest. OZtrail’s ‘air zones’ absorb and disperse movements so your sleeping companion is not disturbed from their sleep. The airbed has a boston valve for instant deflation and 2 stage inflation system with non-return control. The soft contact velour top with durable PVC walls and base makes it easier to clean if needed. Wether you are camping or using it as a spare bed at home, these beds are a popular option for a good nights rest. Suits Australian standard size fitted bed linen. Convenient repair kit included.

Single (188 x 75 x 24cm, 2.2kg)

Twin/King Single (188 x 99 x 24cm, 2.5kg)

Double (188cm x 141cm x 24cm, 3.5kg)

Queen (195 x 152 x 24cm, 4.0kg)

Queen Double Height (205 x 152 x 43 cm, 6kg)

Queen Triple Layer with built in 240V air pump (203 x 152 x 45cm, 6.5kg)