Supex Caravan Front Privacy Screen Range

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Highest shade rating of 95% shadecloth for optimal privacy, efficiency, and protection
199GSM fabric, with hemmed edging, will withstand strong winds, prevent frayed edges and fabric wear over time
Ventilates well
Silver/grey or Black to suit your style
Takes even the inexperienced caravanner minutes to install with everything included; pegs, ropes and D-Ring tie down, with D-rings on the side for attaching to vertical awning leg
Industry-leading 4 year Warranty
Attach via a standard sail track

2.80m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 10′ awning
3.40m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 12′ awning
3.70m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 13′ awning
4.00m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 14′ awning
4.26m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 15′ awning
4.60m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 16′ awning
4.87m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 17′ awning
5.20m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 18′ awning
5.50m (l) x 1.80m (h) | Suits 19′ awning