Stimex Leak Repair 80ml

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  • STIMEX Leak Repair is an excellent product to repair puncture holes in pvc or vinyl materials and can even be used under water! Directions for use: Make sure the surrounding surface of the hole is free of dirt and scaling, if necessary wipe away alga scaling under water.

    Cut out a round piece of pvc or vinyl and thoroughly apply STIMEX Leak Repair to the rough-textured side of the piece. Directly place the piece (under water) over the puncture hole and apply equal pressure to it until it has fully attached itself after approximately 15 seconds.

    Contains: 80ml

    Quality PVC or vinyl repair kit that's made in the Netherlands; ideal for pool linings, vinyl windows, electrical conduit, insulation for electrical wiring, flooring, vinyl fences, vinyl canopies, camping, caravans, awnings, camper trailers, tents, and many more applications.