Spectrum V50 Strip LED Light

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A light that can practically be mounted anywhere and on anything! Introducing, the new 4x4 Equip SPECTRUM V50 range of LED lights.

4x4 Equip has been designing and supplying portable LED lights for the 4WD and Camping industries for nearly a decade now.  We are the leaders in functional design and versatility of portable LED lights and we have continued this lead, with the introduction of the new SPECTRUM V50 light range.

The 4x4 Equip design team has been responsible for a number of ‘Firsts’ into the market, particularly when it comes to portable lights.  We introduced the ‘Anti-Insect’ yellow light filter almost 10 years ago and soon after, came the release of the first Yellow (anti-insect) LED light in our ‘Duo’ and 'Twin Duo' range.

Now, following on from the success of our ‘Duo’ and 'Twin Duo' LED lights, we have now developed, we believe to be the ultimate LED light for the recreational market, which of course, includes several ‘Firsts’ into the market.

The Spectrum V50 is available in two models, all ‘WHITE’ LED’s and dual ‘YELLOW & WHITE’ LED’s.


Spectrum V50 LED Light (White LED’s):

  • Extruded clear silicon body (flexible)
  • Waterproof IP67 (light, switch & lead connectors)
  • Rigid spine tube (removable)
  • 2 x 0.5m rows WHITE SMD LED
  • LED ‘V’ shape configuration provides a 210 deg lighting area. (each row of LED’s produces a 120 deg lighting arc)
  • 60 x 5050 type LED’s (30 LED’s each side)
  • Power in, 0.1m cable length (waterproof connector)
  • Input 12v DC ± 2v DC
  • One side: Draw 0.6A/350lm (Max), White, 30 LED’s
  • Both sides: Draw 1.1A/670lm (Max), White, 60 LED’s.

Extension lead:

  • 6m cable length, 3 core wire (waterproof connectors).

Double Inline Push Button Switch (with dimmer):

  • Waterproof IP67
  • 0.1m cable length, 2 core wire (waterproof connector), 2 pin male plug at input end
  • 0.1m cable length, 3 core wire (waterproof connector), 3 pin female socket at input end.

Power Lead:

  • 0.1m cable length, 2 core wire (waterproof connector), 2 pin female male socket at one end and 8A fused cigarette adaptor plug at the other.

Mounting Accessories Included:

  • 2 x Self tapping screws
  • 2 x Rare earth magnets (including nuts)
  • 2 x Black moulded mounting clips
  • 2 x Black fastener straps, 20mm x 230mm.

Removable Spine:
By removing the spine you gain added versatility, allowing you to use your spectrum V50 LED light more creatively.