Road Chef By Camp Easy 12v Oven Range

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The Road Chef is the oven that you can take anywhere. Save money, eat healthy and avoid "dodgy" meal stops. 

50 - 180C Temp Range and timer bell

Stainless steel - easy to use and to clean.

Fully insulated outer tank, and door with sturdy clasp.

Three power supply options - Sturdy and reliable Anderson plug connection, cigarette lighter socket, or merit plug

Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn't matter if there are no shops or food safety friendly 'meal stops' around, your meal will be ready when you arrive. 

  • Ideal for:
  • Truckers & Drivers
  • - 4x4 Activities
  • - Camping
  • - Tradespeople
  • - Caravans
  • - Boats
  • - Touring
  • - Farmers, etc

Oven baking tray sold separately


Now available in the "Big Bertha" Oven and "Little Tacker" Lunch Box