Dogbox Duet Rechargeable Head Lamp

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  • The Next Generation Headlamp, the Duet provides all of the function you need

    in a headlamp, in a compact and light package. The Duet is rechargable via a

    mini USB cord (supplied) with the 1200mAh Li-Ion battery providing ample run

    time and maximum relaibility. Its name if drawn from the Duet of LED lights

    with a superbright 5W XPH CREE LED producing 250 Lumen spotlighting up to

    250m. The surrounding 4w COB LED has a incredible 330 Lumen for

    floodlighting up to 20m. Many headlamps require you to annoyingly click your

    way through multiple functions, where as the Duet has a seperate switch for

    each of the Duet of LEDs allowing you to instantly change between the two

    functions while maintining the 100/50% function for battery preservation. Best

    of all, we have taken all of the strobe and flashing functions off so you’ll have

    to find a new way to annoy your mates.