CLIPCROC 4PK Dinnerware Range

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CLIPCROC®: Uses ClipLip technology™ to become the World’s first clip-together crockery!

CLIPQUIET™: Unique anti-rattle design ensuring the ultimate peace and quiet.

CLIPCLEAN™: Clip dirty crockery together for cleaning later!

CLIPCOOL™: Clip two together to create a heat-insulating barrier – no more hot hands or laps!

CLIPGREEN™: Reusable ClipCroc® helps eliminate 500+ BILLION ‘single-use’ plates, bowls, dishes & cups from landfill p/a. 

FOOD GRADE: Made with Food Grade Polypropylene that’s FDA approved, BPA free, dishwasher & freezer safe!

LOW PROFILE STACKING:  Ultra-compact design since we know just how important space is.

ANTI-SLIP BASE: Smart base design, ensuring your crockery stays put, whether in your hand, lap or table.

SAFESTACK™: ClipCroc® can be safely and securely stacked and free from falling whether on a boat, RV or caravan.

WIPE CLEAN: A glossy eating surface ensures ClipCroc® is one of the most wipe-clean ranges on the market!

SHAKE DRY: Give your ClipCroc® a couple of shakes after washing to dry almost immediately.

MIX AND MATCH: All colours clip to all colours allowing you to create your own unique personalised colour combinations!

PATENTED: Our unique and innovative designs are World’s first and patented.

MADE IN AUSTRALIA: All ClipCroc® products are proudly designed & manufactured in Australia.