Avanti Little Whipper Range

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  • Are you craving that perfectly made coffee while on the go? Well, here is the solution, the Avanti Little Whipper Milk Frother with Batteries is the perfect option for making the perfect coffee, milkshakes, omelettes, and many other food preparation tasks whilst camping or touring. This palm-sized frother will do the same job as an expensive espresso machine efficiently and effortlessly in seconds, without the fuss.

    2 x AA Batteries Included 


  • Pour cold milk into jug until 1/3 full
  • Place in microwave for approximately 30-45 seconds (or heat alternatively to desired temperature)
  • Once heated, place whisk head into the milk, then switch on. Move the whisk in a slow circular motion around the circumference of the jug. In seconds, the liquid will begin to thicken and the whisk can then be raised through the milk until the desired froth texture is achieved. 
  • Switch off the Little Whipper before removing the whisk head from the jug.
  • The delicious foam topping can now be spooned directly onto your prepared beverage
  • To clean whisk, operate in hot soapy water and spin dry.
  • Do not immerse the Little Whipper in water