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Bushman - An Aussie bush & beach essential.


What is more Aussie then being eaten by the mozzie's on a warm summer evening? Well Bushman Insect repellent of course!

Here is a list of reasons why Bushman insect repellent has been a popular product at the store for well over 10 years now.

      • Bushman is proven to be 100% effective hours longer than any other personal insect repellent. There are two types, ranging from 7 hours to 15 hours protection.
      • DEET remains the best and safest repellent active. 
      • Bushman was developed in the tropics and tested in swamps to ensure it is the best in the harshest of conditions. The unique formulation means it stays on even with water, sweat, and rubbing.
      • Over 35 years’ experience. Bushman was created, developed and made in Australia since 1990 by Cairns resident Tom Bethurem. Tom was an industrial chemist with over 35 years experience developing personal insect repellents when he decided to make his own repellent.

Bushman comes in:

Bushman Repellent Ultra Range

The original, highly effective 80% DEET Gel spawned a range of ultra-long lasting products which includes 40% DEET aerosols and the ubiquitous 80% Gel.

 Bushman Repellent Plus Range

 A great alternative to the Ultra range is the ‘Plus’ range. So named because it combines all the usual Bushman benefits plus sunscreen and additional fly repellency.


 There’s also an anti-itch gel for the times when the repellent was poorly applied and/ or only applied when people realised they were getting bit!

All these are available in store and online. 

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